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Welcome to Hazelstar Warriors, a roleplaying site based off of the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. This is an active, literate roleplay with a large community of members. Here at Hazelstar Warriors, you can hunt, battle and train to become the best warrior in the forest. Before deciding whether or not to join, please read the rules and information to make sure you will be able comply with our high expectations. Once you have read through our rules section, if you still wish to join--great! Add your character in the guestbook, and you're ready to play.

If you have any suggestions or issues with the site, please contact an administrator. You will get the fastest response if you private message them. 

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Hello, I’m Inglis. Or Ing. Whichever you prefer. I created Hazelstar Warriors almost six years ago, in 2010. I’m extremely pleased to see that, despite some hardships, the site has survived for this long. I never really expected that it would get this big. Anyway, I consider myself to be a fairly friendly, personable administrator; feel free to message me anytime. Let’s see. I just finished my first year of college. So far it is amazing! I'm thinking of majoring in ecology and evolutionary biology. I love to read and write. I’m secretly-- or probably not so secretly--a giant nerd; I love science, and English, and pretty much everything except math. I could talk about anatomy and binomial nomenclature for hours. Yeah. I like to swim, ski, work with animals, listen to lots of music, and eat lots of food :)


Hello there! I'm Silver, an administrator here on Hazelstar Warriors! I have recently graduated high school and am on my way to college with hopes of pursuing American History, Creative Fiction Writing and professional Marching Band. I definitely consider myself a fangirl, as I do a lot of reading and writing, online roleplaying, and binge-watching Netflix films/tv shows. I love to travel, sleep, eat food, and listen to music. My favorite things that I have read are the Harry Potter series, the Divergent Trilogy, the Maximum Ride series, the Hunger Games trilogy, and, of course, the Warriors Series! I hope to even begin reading Seekers and Survivors! My favorite television shows are The Walking Dead (I have an unhealthy "addixon" to Daryl Dixon XD), Sherlock, Dr. Who and Bob's Burgers. My favorite Disney princesses and princes are Mulan, Pocahontas, Hercules, and Simba. I also like to start my day with Starbucks in the morning, and right now, I'm hooked on the Smores frappucino. Anyway, I find myself to be a helpful, funny and reasonable admin, so if you ever have any questions, would just like to chat, or offer to roleplay, feel free to shoot me a message or a friend request! (:


Hi, I'm Feathy! I'm an administrator on Hazelstar Warriors! I'm going into my Junior year of high school. I don't read as much as I used to but I love Warriors and the Hunger Games trilogy, and I enjoy watching Grace and Frankie, Psych, Orange is the New Black, and Bob's Burgers. I play trumpet in my high school band and will be learning trombone next year. I sing in our school's chorus, and I am in every musical I can possibly be in. My favorite musicals are Annie Get Your Gun, Rent, The Last Five Years, and Newsies. If you need any help or you have any questions, feel free to PM me or contact me somehow, I'm always willing to help!


Hey, I am Rosey. Obviously. I am also -obviously- another admin on this amazing website called Hazelstar Warriors. I honestly basically grew up on this site, so it's a great honor that I am now an admin here. I try to be as nice as possible, so if you have any concerns, suggestions, or grievances just contact me in a private message. I'll try to help to the best of my ability. So, here's a little about me. I play volleyball, and although I am no where near good at it, it's just the only sport I enjoy honestly. I sing in my school choir every year, and hope to even be in Honor's Choir next year. Next year I will be a freshman, and I'm 14 years old. I don't really know what I want to do with my life yet, but I'm just ready to live life and let it take me where is takes me. 


Hi, I am Stormy, one of the amazing admins here on Hazelstar Warriors.  Like the others above me, I don't bite either.  Please feel free to talk to me about anything, I am always willing to help. If you would like to chat out of the website, my profile will have ways to get to me. I am on this site a lot, although I am spotty most of the day because of school. I am in Bu Ryu Do, a branch of Tae Kwan Do and I have a gold belt. My favorite series is Warriors, and I am all caught up in the prequel, second is the Hunger Games Trilogy, and Third is the Left Behind series  My favorite color is black and I am going to stop right there for now. Say what you want, but black is a color to me, a color of colors. I play a flute in Sr. High Band and I hope to either add an Oboe or a French Horn. My favorite animal is a wolf, second is a cat, and so on. I love science and math and I hope to become a registered nurse. I love swimming, being lazy, hiking, biking, eating, camping, and sleeping. I LOVE horror movies and I have an extensive library of just horror movies. My favorite TV series is Doctor Who, second is Pit Bulls and Parolees, Greys Anatomy, and Law and Order SVU. Chao~

Theme Songs


 Wavecrest - Ours :: Taylor Swift

 Waspfear - Towards the Sun :: Rihanna


Brokenleap - Quicksand :: Bridgit Mendler

 Spectralfire - Amsterdam :: Imagine Dragons


Rainystar - Budapest :: George Ezra

Larksong - Around Us :: Jonsi 

Ratfury - Shut Up & Dance :: Walk the Moon

Firepaw - Breathe ::   Taylor Swift
(feat. Colbie Caillat)


 Shyheart - Waiting for Superman :: Daughtry


Plague - Animals :: Maroon 5

Dark - Hold On for Dear Love :: Bridgit Mendler

Blair - The Best Day :: Taylor Swift

Blink - Immortals :: Fall Out Boy

Warclaw - The Phoenix :: Fall Out Boy

Colette - Bad Reputation :: Kelly Clarkson
From One to Another 

Squirrelbreeze to Pouncewhisker - Thousand Years :: Christina Perri

Shaddedtree to Shadowscream- When I look into your eyes:: Firehouse

Dawnclan - 

♂ xx || ♀ xx

Dawnclan is currently at peace, although the impending Leaf-Fall is beginning to get even more cold with their open territory.

Duskclan - 

♂ xx || ♀ xx

Duskclan is currently at peace. Their densely forested territory is giving them the advantage of shelter from the cool air, as well as an abundance of prey.

Rogues -

♂ xx || ♀ xx

There is currently a mass amount of rogues around the Valley, seeking out their new lives.

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Leaf-Fall has arrived!

Temperatures are cooling down, prey is starting to decline, and things are peaceful within the clans.

The days are breezy and crisp.

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